Shade Art_The art of shading

Emancipation and shade materialization.

ShadeLab for some time supports and works together with the artists who use the shadow as an expressive element.
We like to create a fusion between ours and their world using the same denominator to express , experience, research.

Shade Art

Shade Art_Mario Martinelli

Artist Mario Martinelli travels the world carrying a big piece of cloth and a flash which he puts in front of the cloth. A passer-by would accidentally activate the flash lighting the cloth and blowing their shadow on it. The shadow, detached from the body, remains for some time on the still enlighten cloth. This is what the “meeting the shadow” consists in.
Martinelli’s installations give new shape to the most eluding feature of mankind. That is a human shadow caught in a one – time but unique moment of existence. Such shadow is then teleased slowly and thereby symbolized the disappearance of human body worn out by its own evaporation.
This art aims at revealing the unexpected imagine of oneself and its slowly fading away : such is the ‘meeting the shadow’ operation and the source of its emotional strength.
The meeting between Mario Martinelli and Shadelab is the perfect combination of two worlds who have the shadow as the common denominator. Simply, ShadeLab for art.

Mario Martinelli
Francesca della Toffola

Shade Art_Francesca della Toffola

My photography wants to be expression of my feelings and constantly takes me back to my past. I not only use known spaces and objects, but my own body. Working with self-portrait leads the photographer to the involvement with the act of photographing, going well beyond the shot; it’s a sort of relationship between oneself, the place and the camera catching it. I don’t know what will appear; of course I can imagine it, but when I see it it’s always a discovery; every time is amazement.
My works include the theme of lightness as opposed to the weight of living, as freedom from any form of restraint. I often took off weight form my body; I choose legs or arms or only hair to convey what is inside and one doesn’t see.
The same happens with shadow: representation of the imagined body, present but absence.
Francesca Della Toffola stands out for a delicate photographic language. In this language every concept is the thought between our surrounding, subject and median. This form of expression perfectly reflects our work, shade is our vocation!

Francesca della Toffola